Credentials in Psychology Are Meaningless


“The whole concept of credentials is a little misleading.
Orville Wright had no credentials when he invented the airplane.
If he lived today, the police would arrest him for flying without a license.

In very old fields of study, credentials make sense.
In architecture, for exammple, a college degree is and should be required.
The study of architecture is 2000 years old.
95% of the knowledge is proven fact and only 5% is open for debate.

In the study of (psychology), the numbers are reversed.
5% is proven fact and 95% is open for debate.
Compared to other sciences, the study of (psychology) is very young,
less than 100 years old. They’ve just begun to scratch the surface.
The total lack of factual knowledge is evidenced by the wide variety
of competing therapies. There are over 250 different methods
practiced in the United States today.”
      – Thomas Stone



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