The Dangers of Mixing Spiritual Paths

“Even if people want to embark on the path of spirituality,
they remain conditioned by a habit – so widespread these days –
of accumulating knowledge, having the desire to be informed of this and that,
touching on every subject, being up to date on everything,
without ever doing any work on themselves.

Of course it is this curiosity that has helped mankind
to make gigantic progress in many fields.
But it is a very bad method for spiritual life.

To do some true spiritual work,
people must confine themselves to one philosophy, one system, and go into it more deeply.
Otherwise the psychic body will be subject to the same things as the physical body
: if we absorb all kinds of disparate food, we will be sick and vomit;
in the same way the psychic stomach can have indigestion from all we give it to swallow.
So, you have been warned.
If you really want to progress in spiritual life, try to be satisfied with one system:
it will be like a framework of the edifice of the inner temple you are constructing
with the help of new elements you bring in every day.”
– Omraam Mikha�l A�vanhov

“Your main problem is you have two spiritual masters.
So you are divided.
Give yourself wholeheartedly to one truth or the other – and live it.”
( – from a note to a woman speaking of a specific problem she was confronting)
– Barry Long

“Don’t mix your drinks.”
– Albert Low


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