An Introduction To the MultiOrgasmic Man

The “Multi-Orgasmic Man”

“Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know”

Book by Mantak Chia and Douglass Abrams
Review by


Your daring LiveReal Agents,
on the cutting edge of sexual evolution
exploring the higher realms of bliss and ecstasy . . .

– or . . . OK, maybe “bliss” and “ecstasy” aren’t exactly the right words . . .
hmm . . . how about “sore crotch”?


But really, now . . . guys . . . and multiple . . . ?

No way.

Still . . . as our audience demands it, this is one of those topics that your fearless LiveReal Editors, the intrepid souls they are, must investigate.

So, we present a small and basic introduction to the theory of Mr. Mantak Chia, make a few brief observations, and then, we are leaving the rest in the hands of the LiveReal Discussion Board.


So, if you feel like exploring some uncharted dimensions . . .

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