. . . Yeah, What That Guy Said.

“Whether they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or other,
so many believers are content to glorify the founder of their religion
– Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, and so on –
and to try to convince others of his superiority.

Yes, but Moses is Moses, Jesus is Jesus, Mohammed is Mohammed
…and their followers, who are they?
Lazy and ignorant people who do nothing to imitate them.

And how many disciples behave in exactly the same way with their master!
They say: ‘Oh! Our master is unique!’
and they place his photograph everywhere;
they will even go so far as to fight in order to uphold their master
as the best, the most enlightened, and the most powerful.
But why should they imitate him in his philosophy and behaviour?

…you must understand that a master
is not at all happy with such disciples,
because he has no need to be glorified.
He prefers that his disciples take his ideas seriously
and put them into practice.
This is far better for them…and for him as well.”
– Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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