There are thousands and thousands of articles, columns, “how-to” books, and magazine writers all dispensing their wisdom on parenting, since they have it all figured out . . .

– but what is the single most crucial, most immensely important factor

that almost none of them mention?

Here’s one route we’ll propose: becoming sane yourself.

Well, that can be a tall order. But that is precisely what the LiveReal Psychology Arena is about.

But is there anything more specific in regards to parenting?

“Nothing has a stronger influence…on…children,
than the unlived life of a parent.”
– Carl Jung

OK, so if the above quote is at all true, and this is the case…then how does a parent the discover and “fix” their “unlived life”?

Well, that’s another tall order, and not an easy one to address. But one we’re working on.

One direction that could help, in addition to perusing The Psychology Arena, is trying something along these lines . . . to see what you can uncover.

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