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Consider this a "Consumer's Reports" for psychology, modern spirituality, self-improvement and relationships.

We exhaustively and relentlessly explore thousands of books, tapes, and other stuff,
test them all rigourously,
pick out the best of the best, and gather them here.

It's subjective, biased, personal, and unscientific...and also, quite possibly,
it might save you years of searching through this stuff purely on your own.

It's the kind of stuff we wish we would've had years ago, when we first started digging into this stuff.

After all, when it comes to the realms realms we explore, there is avalanche of potential books, authors, thinkers,
and so on to explore. And loads of bad ideas.
We all have limited time and energy to spend sorting out the bull from the best.

So here, for your consideration, is the best of what we've found so far.

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“There is far greater peril in buying knowledge
than in buying meat and drink.”
– Socrates

(Note on the Socrates quote above:
we really believe that there really is peril in psychology, spiritual, relationships and etc book.
Bad books (like bad ideas) can cost you not only money, but time, energy, sanity, and more.
That's a big reason why we're doing this.)