Exploring those Rare Moments When You're Actually On the Same Page With Another Person

Article by LiveReal Agent Mary

Loneliness can get a lot of us thinking. And even writing articles about things like "intimacy."


The word "intimacy" comes up, most of the time, unfortunately, when we feel a lack of it and a hunger for it.

"Lack of intimacy," we feel, is a serious problem . . . and the "solution," presumably, is a bigger dollap of...well, "intimacy."

After all, intimacy with another person is often seen as one of the most powerful experiences of love that most of us are aware of. The search for intimacy is often a search for "IT", while "lack of intimacy" is often seen as the head villain in relationship problems and a key ingredient in the typical cycle of relationships - while the alternative to intimacy - loneliness - can make the search for intimacy desperate.

So - if we are feeling a "lack of intimacy" in our lives - how can we find it?

What is "intimacy," anyway? How do we experience it? Why is it so rare? Why does it vanish, and why does it reappear, in such mysterious ways that seem to happen so magically?

If we really want to discover what it's about -
without the hokey, fuzzy-poofed psychobabblic platitudes about it - what can we find?

This sounds like a job for the trusty, cuddly, huggable folks at LiveReal...


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