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“The Answer” To the “Science-Verses-Religion” Issue

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The whole science-religion matter can obviuosly get pretty complex, pretty quickly. This is yet another one of those areas where arguments can get heated immediately, where almost everyone insists that they have The Answer, where almost everyone disagrees, and where everyone is smarter than everyone else.

So, given this foggy state of affairs, we’re going to, for now, for the most part, stay out of the fray.

But we’ve also found what we believe are some pretty interesting nuggets that we wanted to share. So, once more into the fray…


“Suppose that two persons are placed one on the inside and the other on the outside of a sphere.

The person who is inside say that the sphere is concave; the one who is outside say that it is convex.

They argue, each maintaining his own point of view.

These two persons represent science and religion.

Science looks at things from the outside and say that the universe is convex, and religion looks at them from the inside and insists that the universe is concave.

But now comes a third person who says: ‘Each of you is both right and wrong.

The universe is neither convex nor concave, it is both things at the same time.’

This third person sees the world simultaneously from the outside and from the inside. The inner eye sees both sides at the same time. It is the intuition which we must develop to know how to look inwardly and outwardly simultaneously..

The lack of understanding that prevails between men of science and men of faith comes from the fact that the former base their convictions on visible, objective reality, whereas the latter base theirs on an invisible, subjective reality.
But both points of view are incomplete,
because each has a tendency to give priority to one aspect to the detriment of the other.

The universe is an entity that we can grasp from the outside by means of science, and from the inside by means of religion, because the human being itself is a unity capable of living in both the objective and the subjective worlds,
in both the exterior and interior worlds.
Instead of opposing each other, science and religion should complete each other.

In any case, it is not science that opposes religion or vice versa, it is scientists and people of religion who oppose each other, because their knowledge is incomplete.”
– Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov


. . . and of course, every good science
needs to have experiments…


. . . and the honest, fair consideration of evidence…


. . . and of course, why does this matter? Often, the “science-verses-religion” question is really a matter of whether an individual person should take a skeptical view of The Big Questions or more of a faith-based one, which is also related to issues of “how we know” anything at all…

More to come.




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