“. . . the first step is to keep an eye on your thoughts.

Whatever the circumstances,
always be sure to glance inward
and make sure that you know where your thoughts are
and what they are doing.
You must be constantly alert, lucid and aware . . .

If you allow any and every force to enter you
without your being aware of it or exercising any form of control,
it is they that will end by being in command of you.

If you want to become their master,
you must begin by taking charge of the situation:
you must always be aware
of what thoughts and feelings pass through you.

This is the greatest virtue of a disciple:
he is permanently in a state of awareness:
at any given moment he knows what kind of currents are moving him
and, as soon as a negative thought or feeling enters him,
he arrests it and replaces or transforms it.

This is the first work, therefore:
to control, direct and master everything that goes on inside you.
Take careful note of it, for it is an absolute.
True Initiatic Science begins here:
never allow any inner event, any psychic phenomenon or emotion
to occur without being aware of it.”

“Suppose you want to control a machine: however much will-power you may exert you cannot do so, because you do not know how it is supposed to work nor what knob you have to turn to start or stop it. Control and mastery imply the need for knowledge: you have to know where the machine gets its energy from and then act on the right wire or the right switch. Once a machine has been started, if you don’t know how to stop it, it will not stop; and if you try to stop it without knowing how, it will break you to pieces unless, of course, you break it first . . .

The same law applies to our inner lives…”

– Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov



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