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Sex and Spirit

What is the real relationship between sexuality and spirituality?

"In a fundamental sense...
the underlying force in religion
is the same one
that draws men and women together."
- Franklin Merrel-Wolff




Many schools of thought have long considered sexuality and spirituality as enemies: it's a war between the "spirit" and the "flesh," and if a person is "sexual," then they're not really "spiritual," and if they're "spiritual" they're not really "sexual."

Is this the truth?


Well, this sounds like a job for your ever-daring, ever-searching, ever-lovable, and occasionally sexy LiveReal Agents.


For starters, we have made it our mission to seek out the most incisive, insightful, poignant, clear, and revealing (ahem) nuggets of wisdom that we could possibly find throughout the history of humanity, and gather them in one place. ( - umm, that would be "here.")

So far, we have successfully gather an All-Star Team of thinkers, seers, writers, and just smart folks who - whether you completely agree with them or not - definitely have some interesting things to say on the matter. ( - and if you've found anyone or anything you think is better - and we want you to tell us about it: info - at - livereal.com).

We hope you find this mo-o-o-st pleeeeasurable.

Alan Watts

Barry Long

D. H. Lawrence

David Deida

Elizabeth Haich

Ken Wilber


Vama Marga


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