I've Tried Everything…


“I think I have been stuck in the same emotional/psychological mind-set for a long time. What I have learned about the nature of the work to be done, I have learned by process of elimination. In other words, what I have done so far hasn’t worked. And so far, I think I have done a lot.

I believe now that I cannot act my way out of the place I am in. I have acted well. I have done all the things I could think of to do that were good for me. I have prayed and meditated. I have exercised and eaten well. I have been an honest and valuable employee and given an honest day’s work for my wages. I have been of service to others. I have gone to therapy. None of these activities has done much to change how I feel.

I am confident now that I cannot think my way out of the place I am in. I have thought without ceasing about the solution to my pain for over thirty years – ad nauseam. I have read the right books and embraced the ideas and philosophies – for a while. The best ideas I have read, or come up with on my own, have done little to change how I feel.

. . . By the way, I have tried to pray my way out, too. Although the benefits of twenty years of meditation are enormous and immeasurable, I still feel pretty much the same way about myself as I did twenty years ago.

. . . I believe now that the solution is simply to sit still, and feel and be aware of what I am feeling as I am feeling it. I think if I just get out of my own way, the process (which is already in place and which has integrity) will just take care of itself – and I will be taken care of in the process. The work is much simpler, and much more subtle, than I ever imagined.”

– excerpt from contributor,
as quoted in Reclaiming Your Life by Jean Jenson



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