War Against Psychobabble

The War Against Psychobabble

The Cure for Popular Nonsense

“Fool’s gold exists
because there is real gold.”

Sometimes one must confront bad ideas with a razor-sharp intellect.
(And if you don’t have one of those, you can rent this guy for about $12/hour.)

article by LiveReal Agents

“The War Against Psychobabble” is a place where your brave, noble, and well-caffeinated LiveReal Agents are busily working on an antidote to all the misinformation, myths, downright lies and insanities that initially infect certain a few fringe self-help circles – and later creep out into the culture at large.

We currently cover and discuss such topics as…

  • “Self-Esteem”: Real and Phony
  • “Live Your Dreams!”
  • “I’m a Victim, You’re A Victim, He’s . . .”
  • Positive Thinking
  • “It’s All In the Genes”
  • “It’s All Brain Chemistry”
  • and more…


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