On the one hand, there are plenty of places where you can go to get someone else’s version of “God” shoved down your throat. That isn’t what we do.

What we do do, on the other hand (ahem – yes, we did just say “do do”) is in this adventure exploring the question – searching out, understanding, or realizing whatever truly, actually, is.

Here’s the thing: we could give you an “answer,” even our answer (if we had one). But why believe us? What do we know? If we really did know, or didn’t, how would you know? And how would we know that our answer (if we had one) would work for you, even if it really did “work” for us?

Our angle is more along the lines of encouraging and helping you to find the answers you need, for yourself, that “work” for you.

Which you could totally do without needing us at all.

But we might be able to help a little. For example, we might possibly help at least a little by pointing out possible potholes; suggesting potential directions to explore or avoid; and testing certain aspects to see whether they really hold up or not.

So, we don’t consider ourselves authorities (and honestly, we don’t think you should necessarily believe authorities anyway (just because they’re authorities)). We’re much more in favor of throwing most authorities overboard, conducting your own research, running your own experiments, and following your own hot leads until you arrive at a point where the “answer” seems self-evident. Once it’s self-evident to you, and truly “works” for you, then nobody – authority or otherwise – should be able to convince you of anything different.

So, if you think along these lines as well…then that means, to us at least, that you’re a bit of a seeker.

Which is pretty great. Because…so are we.


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