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One day, not too long ago, LiveReal Agents Thomas, Ben, and Courtney were sitting around, resting up from their latest mission and trying to figure out the best way to spend the afternoon.

The conversation went something like this:


"Well . . . we could go dress Ben up like a girl again."

"Yeah, or we could get everybody together and watch Alias. I've got the first season on DVD at the library."

Thomas was silent, staring off into space.

"What's eating you, Tommy?"


"Come on."

"You don't want to hear it."

"How do you know 'till you say it? Speak."

"OK . . . the world's got all kinds of problems. We can do a little bit to help, maybe, but . . . maybe they need a new, a different approach."

"My vote's for Alias."

"Put a sock in it, Slinky - what do you mean?"

"I just ran across it in a book:

". . . They think that in order to fix the world's problems
we need to do something in the exterior world
- we need to stop polluting the atmosphere,
we need to control guns,
we need to stop nuclear testing,
we need to move to solar power,
we need to . . . always something to fix in the exterior world.
Those are all important,
but the real problems are on the interior
- we need to help consciousness evolve
from egocentric to ethnocentric to worldcentric,
or else people won't want to fix all those things
in the exterior world to begin with!"

"What's that from?"

"It's Boomeritis by Ken Wilber."

"Well, sure, he's right."

"Sure - if everybody was a halfway decent person to start with - or even just had achieved a certain basic level of moral intelligence - the world would be a lot better off, a much cooler place to live.

"But that's a tall order - seriously tall. How would you even start pulling that wagon?"

"Well . . . it seems like just taking this into account is a big step. Like, politics and diplomacy and so on is necessary, but they're just puzzle pieces, and they aren't enough by themselves. Other - "interior" factors get ignored most of the time. Maybe it starts closer to . . . to me and you.

Like, maybe it means really digging into some cheesy slogans, like people being able to love more or something. Or people just being more decent, or considerate, or moral. Or people having a bigger grasp of, like, "God", or really understanding more about who we are and why we're here to start with, so we can cut down on some of the unnecessary suffering that's all around. And you do start with yourself - with your car keys or whatever, but really taking a step back and figuring yourself out."

"Yeah, well, maybe. But do you wanna watch Alias first?"


- and the conversation ended shortly and happily after.

(Well, sort of. The folks at LiveReal - although it may not seem like it - generally try to look on the bright side of things.)


The effort has continued. Working alone, with no resources, no connections, no funding, and no Alias DVD's outside of what could be found at the local library, LiveReal has been working to make progress: on "The Drug War", poverty, and war and violence, as well as addiction in general, as well as the other important factors in these problem situations, such as relationships and mental and emotional health - including such things as suicide, depression, anxiety, and others - as well as what is often said to be the root cause of those problems, which is spiritual . . .


Stay tuned
for the next episode
of LiveReal Conversations . . .


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