The LiveReal Agents

Small Team. Big Mission.

Once upon a time...

...a ragged bunch of misfits joined forces to embark on a quest to either find the meaning of life or die trying.

They soon found themselves embroiled in a series of harrowing adventures exploring the treacherous realms of modern spirituality, psychology, and relationships.

Each member was a specialist of some sort. Each brought a few strengths and swarms of weaknesses to the table. They rarely agreed on much, but they were united in a common mission: to ask The Big Questions of life, search for better answers, and share any decent discoveries with others.

Their adventures continue to this day.

This site is an ongoing chronicle of their findings.

LiveReal Agent Tommy


Agent Thomas the Shrewd | No-Nonsense Seeker of Whatever Lies Beyond Nonsense

"If it works, then according to my calculations, it works."

LiveReal Agent Mary


Agent Mary the Loyal | Tough-Minded "Believer"

"I have doubts about my ability to doubt."

LiveReal Agent Blake


Agent Blake the Ascetic | Scientific Existentialist Skeptic

"Witty blurbs are pointless and dumb. That's witty enough, right?"

LiveReal Agent Courtney


Agent Courtney the Mischievous | Free-Spirit Space Cadet

"Say yes to everything in life. Including the ability to say no."

LiveReal Agent Kevin


Agent Kevin the Inexplicable | El Conundrio Mysterioso

"What seems like irrationality is sometimes a higher level of rationality that you don't yet understand."

LiveReal Agent Grace


Agent Grace the Recluse | Researcher, Librarian, Perennial Student

"Lots of people think, but few think about thinking."

That's our story, and we're sticking with it.

All the rest of it - the note-taking, floor-sweeping, pixel-punching, and so on - is on me.

Hi. I'm Jonathan. Thanks for stopping by.

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