How to Rethink Your Entire Life

We all try to make sense of life.

These efforts result in a "philosophy of life" - an inner "map" of our core ideas about ourselves and the world.

In this sense, everyone has a "life philosophy."

Our life philosophy might be conscious or unconscious, accidental or deliberate, simple or complex, very sturdy or highly fragile.

But it's always important. It governs everything we think, feel, and do.

Despite this, we don't always take time to consciously examine our life philosophy in a way that's deliberate, thorough, and systematic.

The aim of the explorations below is to remedy that.


Philosophical Self-Defense: A Basic Primer

I. Introduction

"How to Rethink Your Entire Life": What it's About (1.1)

Why "Think Life Through"? (1.2)

What is a "Life Philosophy," Anyway? (1.3)

Should We "Measure" a Life Philosophy? (1.4)

Why Measuring a Life Philosophy is Pretty Tricky (1.5)

How to Measure a Life Philosophy (1.6)

How a Life Philosophy Collapses (1.7)

What to Expect From Here (1.8)

Two Brief Questions (1.9)

II. Life: How to Think it Through

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Step 1. Start With The Questions

Step 2. Add a Dash of This

Step 3. Connect the Two

Step 4. See the Interconnections

Step 5. Boil it All Down to One Question

Step 6. Connect the Answer With This

Step 7. The Results

III. A Case Study, a Brief Roundup, and Where to Go From Here

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A Case Study

A Brief Roundup, and Where to Go From Here

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