So, what is LiveReal?

This site is about the pursuit of advanced psychological health.

We all want a happy life, however we might define it. But then we often search for that happiness where it doesn’t exist, or in ways that make it impossible, or in ways that leave us holding a pile of worthless status symbols.

Is there a better way?

That question raises other questions. What is “the good life,” after all? What is the “life without regrets” or the “life well-lived,” and how do we find it?

Answers to these raise other answers. If a human being isn’t made up of just a body, but also a heart, mind, and soul, then “the good life” very likely means, among other things, getting those in shape.

But that doesn’t come easy these days.

It becomes a search for answers in a world full of hype, noise, and bull.

It becomes a quest. It’s a pursuit of mental clarity, emotional strength, and a sturdy grounding in reality (or Reality, or seeing through illusion, or whatever the opposite of The Matrix is.)

It becomes an adventure.

The trick isn’t just to live, but to live real.

This site is a headquarters for those who are interested in all this.

Welcome to LiveReal.

So, if you're interested in this sort of thing, where to go from here?

For example, you could just check out the blog and explore whatever looks interesting.

There's "Seekers," the comic approach.

Or, there's always the most basic starting point of all: "thinking life through," which means starting with the Big Questions, clarifying your basic life philosophy or worldview, and figuring out how to make sure it's sturdy and not fragile.

Beyond that, there are four "arenas" that focus on the body (Physical Arena), mind (Psychology Arena), heart (Relationships Arena), and soul (Spiritual Arena).

From there, you can sign up for the Free Newsletter, or check out other, potentially more advanced stuff.

Hope you enjoy. 

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