"So, what’s this all about?"

A lot of folks these days are exploring certain terrains:

- modern spirituality
- modern psychology
- "inner development"
- "work" on relationships
- ...and so on.

"Mental health," "spiritual clarity," and "relationships that aren't completely dysfunctional" share one thing in common:

A deeper understanding of human nature.

"So then, what are we searching for, really?"

We're searching this terrain for - well, a lot of things.

It might be everything from "genuine, no-nonsense spirituality" to "mental clarity and emotional strength" to "relationships that don't start as fairly tales and end as train wrecks." It might be genuine answers to The Big Questions of life. (What's the point? Why are we here? What's it all about? Etc.) It might mean blazing insights that can suddenly make sense of a crazy world.

Sometimes, it can be hard to say what exactly we're searching for.

To "Know Thyself"? A little more self-respect? Perfect happiness?

Maybe "The Search" is for "IT" - whatever "IT" might be.

But this terrain can be treacherous.

Some folks are wandering the Existential No-Man's Land with bad maps, a leaky canteen, and a busted compass.

They're "seekers."

LiveReal is a headquarters for seekers.

In some ways, LiveReal is a crash pad for the spiritually homeless. It's a place where folks can rest, refuel, fix a compass, upgrade some maps, and compare notes with other like-minded folks who might just have that one mind-popper of an insight that makes all the difference.

So, it's about making these stronger:

Soul | The Spiritual Arena | The Quest for Reality

Heart | The Relationships Arena | The Search for Intimacy

Mind | The Psychology Arena | The Fight for Sanity

Body | The Physical Arena | The Pursuit of Vitality

All of the above are connected.

Call it "existential fitness," or "inner strength," or whatever you want. It all points to a certain kind of "inner work" that touches on the most important things that lie deep at the heart of life.

LiveReal is a gathering point for folks who dig into this stuff.

It was created by the story of a small, rag-tag, scrappy band of agents who are also exploring this stuff.

This site is a chronicle of those adventures.

Our mission:

Our mission is to search the world over for nuggets of practical wisdom (the best modern science, spirituality, and everything in between has to offer),
gather them in one place,
present them as simply and clearly as possible,
and talk about them.

Our approach

- is practical, no-nonsense, and see-for-yourself.

It's both open-minded and rigorous.

Asking hard questions. Thinking. Exploring. Experimenting. Testing. All of these are good.

It's ultimately about a certain kind of quest. It's about an "inner quest" - the kind we're all already on, whether we're aware of it or not.

Because this stuff can be a little nerve-wracking sometimes.

We get it.

All the more reason for a friendly, respectful, down-to-earth, human, commonsense approach.

These days, we're often encouraged to distract ourselves, amuse ourselves, esteem ourselves, express ourselves, etc. - but we're rarely encouraged to "know ourselves."

But "Know Thyself" can be good advice.

In fact, it just might be true that the last great frontier is yourself.

Maybe "the final frontier" is the space between our ears.

We explore that here.

(We also make bad jokes sometimes. But we’re working on that.)

So, if any of that rings true or sounds appealing, consider signing up for our free newsletter, take a look at a book or course, start rolling on a little "Existential Fitness" workout, "think life through" by testing to see how sturdy your Life Philosophy is - or dive right in and taking a serious run at "the meaning of life."

- or if all this really rings true, consider joining up.

Until then, feel free to poke around. Hopefully you'll find something useful.

As a wise man once said, "not all who wander are lost."

Peace to the Wanderers.


The warm and cuddly folks at LiveReal


The Spiritual Arena | The Quest for Reality

The Psychology Arena | The Fight for Sanity

The Relationships Arena | The Search for Intimacy

The Physical Arena | The Pursuit of Vitality

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