The Big Questions

...because life is too short for small talk

Do you wrestle with "The Big Questions"?

Do you sometimes feel that they're the only kind worth asking?

Do you ever get tired of small talk?

Do you ever feel that the idea of living your life with little more than a vague and untested hypothesis about why you're here, who you are, where you came from, where you're going, and what exactly you should do during the brief time you are here (assuming you even have a hypothesis - which means you're better off than some folks) - doesn't quite seem right?

Well, so do we.

Wrestling with The Big Ones is a mighty task. So to try to help, your inquisitive and occasionally snuggly LiveReal Agents have begun assembling a sort of Guidebook to help save you some time and possibly avoid a few potholes along the way.

We hope you find it helpful.

The Big Questions

Who Am I?

Why Are We Here?

What is "God"?

What is "Faith"?

Why do we suffer?

What is "Love"?

What is "Success"?

What is "Happiness"?

...and more to come! And in the meantime, happy wrestling.


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