Our quest to find the meaning of life or die trying.

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So, seriously: What is "the meaning of life"?

What's "The Point"? Why are we here? What's the purpose of life? Where is this all headed? What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

It's yet another one of The Big Questions that we, your trusty, cuddly, intrepid LiveReal Agents, decided to look into.

This page is the main index of our findings, the headquarters where we're gathering the results of our humble, no-nonsense, open-minded, see-for-yourself, ongoing investigation.

"The Meaning of Life": Why Ask Why?

The Meaning of Life: The Quiz

10 Popular Answers to The Meaning of Life

Answer #1: “Just Live”
Answer #2: “It’s a Dumb Question”
Answer #3: “Do whatever you want”
Answer #4: “Immediacy”
Answer #5: “Happiness”
Answer #6: “Nihilism”
Answer #7: “Traditional Religion”
Answer #8: “Existentialism”
Answer #9: “Making the world a better place”
Answer #10: “Burn it down”

Why Those 10 Popular Answers Don’t Fully Work

Why “Just Live” doesn’t fully work
Why “It’s a Dumb Question” doesn’t fully work
Why “Do whatever you want” doesn’t fully work
Why “Immediacy” doesn’t fully work
Why “Happiness” doesn’t fully work (more on this here)
Why “Nihilism” doesn’t fully work
Why “Traditional Religion” doesn’t fully work
Why “Existentialism” doesn’t fully work
Why “Making the world a better place” doesn’t fully work
Why “Burn it down” doesn’t fully work

Bonus: "Academic Philosophy’s Failure to Find The Meaning of Life"
Extra Bonus: "The Origins of Modern Meaninglessness"
Extra Bonus: "Why Soft Nihilism is So Popular These Days"

The Best Parts of Those 10 Popular Answers

Our Humble Effort to Integrate the Best of the Above (and Leave the Worst)

Our quest will continue.

Stay tuned.

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