The Meaning of Life
shouldn't be an afterthought.

The way we see it: life throws Big Questions at us. Who am I, what’s it all
about, etc. But exploring these – in a no-nonsense, practical, see-for-
yourself kinda way – if you do it right, can be a heck of an adventure.


"For there is only one great adventure
and that is inward toward the self."

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"To live is the rarest thing in the world.
Most people exist, that is all."

Stuff We Do

Existential Crisis Management

Spiritual Pathfinding

Inner Strength Training

Life Philosophy Construction

Illusion Demolition

Emotional Stormproofing

Sacred Cow Herding

Life Purpose Prospecting

Relationship Remodeling & Repair

"All men die,
but not all men really live."


The Quest for Reality

Life confronts us with a few basic questions: What's it all about? Why am I here? Who am I? Where did I come from, and where am I going? What the heck is going on!? Etc. Not having good answers can give us a sense that something really basic and fundamental and important is...missing. Yet some folks avoid questions like these. We seek them out.


The Search for Intimacy

We all want relationships that are...well, whatever the opposite of "dysfunctional" is.  Why do so many relationships begin like a fairy tale and end like a train wreck? We explore the best science, the world's clearest thinking, the most penetrating insights we can dig up from all of human history to help us figure this out.


The Fight for Sanity

This "arena" is about the fight for mental clarity and emotional strength. Because finding sanity in this crazy world can be a dogfight. And that's what we explore here: inner strength. Training to become an emotional Jedi, a psychological ninja, a fully developed character in the story of your life. The search for "self-mastery." It's the Fight for Sanity.


The Pursuit of Vitality

This "arena" is about the pursuit of real health in your body, deep down in your bones: "vitality," life force, glow, strength, spunk, verve, vigor, whatever you might call it. Which means navigating through a lot of the phony misinformation overload that's out there, and instead, searching for - and hopefully finding - the "real."

"To be nobody but yourself
in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else
- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight
and never stop fighting."
e. e. cummings

Stop It, You're Embarrassing Us...

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"Exactly what I am looking for.
A real group of people concerned about spending time
concentrating on what is really important…”

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"The content and copy of the site really speaks to me as no other site had to date regarding spiritual life."
- E, Austin, TX

"You guys seem to know what you're talking about."
- Robert, 23, Maidstone, UK

"I think about things like this all the time. Usually by myself. Nice to see that others think like me."
– Fahad K

"It is inside my head. It is asking and answering crucial questions that no one else seems to have except me."
- Neil, 43, Elgin, TX

"It seems like it was made for me, like this may be exactly what I need at this point in my journey. I feel like this web portal will make me a better person, and help me to make things better for others."
- Michael, 33, Lewes, DE

- MaryAnn, Scottsville, KY

"Great Articles.....a focus on something truly practical. Something normal people can grasp which isn't rooted in esoterica and vague theoretical mumbo jumbo. And yet, a site which acknowledges that there's got to be something more, something beyond the mundane grit of everyday"
- Jackie, New York, NY

"...I can't stop saying how excited I am about this site... I want to suck the articles in, contemplate them for myself, and then tell others about them....I love having the opportunity to contemplate for myself questions I have never considered until LiveReal got me aware of them..."
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"I've read a couple of articles and they were real, honest with no bullshit and that corresponded to my pain and made feel like I'm not recluse in my suffering."
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"From what I've seen so far, has given me something. What that something is I couldn't tell you, describe it, but it's something. Knowledge maybe? Peace of mind? I haven't a clue. But there's something here and I'm being held back from more of it."
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"I like that it is a no-nonsense approach at sifting through all the junk out there to find answers on life's big questions. Sometimes when I meet other groups, it feels like they've all drunken kool-aid and are now awaiting for you to take a sip. I like a healthy dose of skepticism, but am open to what is not necessarily conventional."
- Rosemary, 36, Sherman Oaks, CA

"It seems that you guys aren't lying."
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"Seems to be a serious website with serious people interested in serious themes...awesome."
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- Steven, 20, Sterling, VA

"Its the Real in the Virtual..."
- Mitesh, 33, Mumbai, India

"Mankind was not meant for idle pleasures"

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