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We explore dangerous questions.

What's it all about? Who am I? Why am I here?
What's the meaning of life? Happiness? Success? What the heck is going on!?
We think this stuff gets down to the core of the matter. So we explore it.
So if you do, too...welcome. It's a heck of an adventure.
"One of the best websites I have ever experienced."
- Ernie, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
"Finally everything I think about in one website/place!"
- Stephanie, 21, Converse, TX
"Plain truth as if somebody has put down my thoughts."
- Rahul, 28, New Delhi, India
"Exactly what I am looking for. A real group of people concerned about spending time concentrating on what is really important…”
- Barbara, 54, Spring Hill, FL
"You guys seem to know what you're talking about."
- Robert, 23, Maidstone, UK
"I think about things like this all the time. Usually by myself. Nice to see that others think like me."
– Fahad K
"The content and copy of the site really speaks to me as no other site had to date regarding spiritual life."
- E, Austin, TX
"It is inside my head. It is asking and answering crucial questions that no one else seems to have except me."
- Neil, 43, Elgin, TX
"It seems like it was made for me, like this may be exactly what I need at this point in my journey. I feel like this web portal will make me a better person, and help me to make things better for others."
- Michael, 33, Lewes, DE
- MaryAnn, Scottsville, KY
"Great Articles.....a focus on something truly practical. Something normal people can grasp which isn't rooted in esoterica and vague theoretical mumbo jumbo. And yet, a site which acknowledges that there's got to be something more, something beyond the mundane grit of everyday"
- Jackie, New York, NY
"...I can't stop saying how excited I am about this site... I want to suck the articles in, contemplate them for myself, and then tell others about them....I love having the opportunity to contemplate for myself questions I have never considered until LiveReal got me aware of them..."
- Ami, 19, Tuczon, AZ
"I've read a couple of articles and they were real, honest with no bullshit and that corresponded to my pain and made feel like I'm not recluse in my suffering."
- Khaled, 20, Cairo, Egypt
"I have never run across anything like this. Never have I been invited to join and communicate with other people who understand the true nature of this bizarre place that we call "Alive""
- Jefferson, 20, U North Alabama, Florence, AL
"It's unlike ANYTHING I thought I'd ever find on the internet, but it seems like EVERYTHING I've been looking for in life can be found here."
- Christopher, 20, Los Angeles, CA
"...a discussion of ideas that I consider to be fundamentally important...It feels like an oasis of sanity and reason and a force for good in an online world that is so often none of those things."
- Matthew, 41, London, UK
"From what I've seen so far, has given me something. What that something is I couldn't tell you, describe it, but it's something. Knowledge maybe? Peace of mind? I haven't a clue. But there's something here and I'm being held back from more of it."
- Erik, 30, New Windsor, NY
"You're web site is absolutely awesome... Im from colombia, I live in Bogota and here is the same. People still believe in "IT" Please keep your website, I love it! I've feel like is my mind in the web."
- Andres, Bogata, Columbia
"I like that it is a no-nonsense approach at sifting through all the junk out there to find answers on life's big questions. Sometimes when I meet other groups, it feels like they've all drunken kool-aid and are now awaiting for you to take a sip. I like a healthy dose of skepticism, but am open to what is not necessarily conventional."
- Rosemary, 36, Sherman Oaks, CA
"It seems that you guys aren't lying."
- Marcelo, 22
"Seems to be a serious website with serious people interested in serious themes...awesome."
- Mario, 42, Attard, Malta
"I've spent nearly the last 4 hours on this site, completely immersing myself in it. I dig it…The realness and authenticity it offers. It's a no-bullshit guide to life, and a compass of sorts to navigate through the rough waters."
- David, 23, Cranston, RI
"I feel I'm in the midst of an existential crisis at the moment. It was comforting to find your website and know that I wasn't alone in my thoughts."
- Jan, Glen Waverley Vi, Australia
"Its insightful in such a way that it sends shivers down my spine at points."
- Steven, 20, Sterling, VA
"It's a refuge from everything that surrounds me every single second of every single day. Not a refuge, actually, as it requires anyone who takes it seriously to do some major work, but a sort of sanctuary, in which the most pressing issues; the nagging little things that annoy and slightly dishearten us during the day (and keep us awake in full-blown spiritual desperation at night) are addressed and seriously discussed. In a world which changes hourly, this site is SORELY needed."
- Ryan, 23, Dayton, OH
" far I get the sense that we could cry together at the magnificence and opportunity of life..but also get sh*t-faced together and act a bit stupid."
- Jeff, 33
"...helps explorers of real life..."
- Rajaram, 47, Bangalore, India
"Thank You, whoever you are, for making this site. As soon as I stumbled upon it, I thought "man, why haven't I thought to make a website about this shit I constantly think about and see if anyone else thinks the same way?" ...I'm glad to have found a sign of like-minded individuals thinking the same thing…it seems pretty real…"
- Shea
"I immediately related to, and identified, with much of what I read....genuine, basic, and good, common sense. No bullshit. The real crap, no games. I am a person who has Always sought the ALL things. I greatly admire, and appreciate, and respect it, especially when it's tough, because that can take immense courage, commitment, risk, and sheer guts, to do so."
- Cathy, 62, Framingham, MA
"Its the Real in the Virtual..."
- Mitesh, 33, Mumbai, India
"You guys aren't scared to talk about things that seem taboo in mainstream society. Why run from the truth? Why hide from it? This site seems to want to discover the answers to life...."
- Frankie, 24, Skippack, PA
"Its Live and Real, its dynamic, its intelligent and thought an electronic version of life..."
- Lana, Lane Cove, Australia
"It's funny and real. I can relate to it. Very much to the search through the bull for what is of value."
- Jean, 70, Oakland, CA
"This website is a breath of fresh air! … everything I have seen is wonderful and thorough! They only suggestion I can give is to never shut down!"
- Natalie, 22, Peoria, IL
"I’ve now been reading your site for over two hours and should probably have gone to sleep at least two hours ago…Not much on the internet makes me think but tonight LiveReal has…"
- Sam, 33, England
"It cuts through the BS. There is much BS to cut through!"
- Deb, 48, Redbank Plains, Australia
"The articles are exactly what I often have swirling around in my head. I find them very thought provoking."
- Michelle, Hilo, Hi
"That it talks about topics that the close-minded human beings would never discuss. That it always takes the little things and make them seem big and believable."
- Brendon, 22, Port of Spain, Trinidad
"Undogmatic. Open. Deep. Lots and lots of info & viewpoints. Humor: makes me laugh a lot."
- Robberto, 60, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"I like anything that says to be real and it brings up the deeper questions to why are we here. It seems well put together serious but in a laid back way"
- Macon, 52, Visalia, CA
"It's honest and straightforward."
- Edwin, 42, Groningen, NO, Netherlands
"I like the way LiveReal talks about relationships, it made me feel a little better instantly and that really got my attention. I felt less isolated. I'm grateful to have stumbled upon the website."
- Candace, San Francisco
"You guys are about as awake to "the problem" as anyone and you're balanced - not too scientifically pedantic, not too "magical.""
- Matt, 22
"Clever, playful and honest approach to the questions most of us ask at some point in our lives."
- Tim, 25, Fort Worth, TX
"It's like a sanctuary from the un-realities of the modern world."
- Mike, 44, Crystal Lake, IL
"I believe this site is full of truths and real research that I have attempted to make myself but have been unable to understand on my own."
- Treelyn, U.S.
"finally a site worth the web..."
- Lyndon, Manila, Philippines

"For there is only one great adventure
and that is inward toward the self."
- Henry Miller
"Great problems are in the street."
- Friedrich Nietszche
The Quest for Reality
It all starts with some basic questions: What's it all about? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What the heck is really going on!? And why!? And says who?!? If you ever ask this kind of thing, you've come to the right place; you're among friendlies here. We really dig in and explore it all, in a way that's no-nonsense, practical, open, non-dogmatic, and "see-for-yourself." It's really an adventure.
Check out "The Spiritual Arena"
The Search for Intimacy
We all want relationships that are...well, whatever the opposite of "dysfunctional" is. ("Functional" doesn't really cut it.) Exemplary. Deeply fulfilling. A cut above the usual mediocrity. Why do so many relationships begin like a fairy tale and end like a train wreck? We explore this and more, and bring the best science, the world's clearest thinking, the most penetrating insights we can dig up from all of human history to help us in...The Search for Intimacy.
Go to the Relationships Arena
The Fight for Sanity
An authentic life requires mental clarity and emotional strength. Real clarity of mind and strength of heart, when it's rooted in Reality (see above), means real Sanity (the "good," not the boring kind.) But finding sanity in this crazy world, more often than not, is a fight. And that's what we explore here: inner strength. Training to become an Emotional Jedi. The search for self-mastery. The Fight for Sanity.
Go to the Physical Arena
The Pursuit of Vitality
Part of an authentic life means real health in your body, deep down in your bones: "vitality," or whatever it is that gives us that glow, strength, spunk, verve, vigor - life - to whatever degree we can feel, embody, and live it. Which means figuring out how to dodge all the phony misinformation that's out there these days, and stick, instead, to the solid, wholesome, and well, real about the vital energy we burn not just to stay alive, but to live. So that's what we're after here: it's The Pursuit of Vitality.
Go to the Physical Arena
"Mankind was not meant for idle pleasures."
- Henry David Thoreau