Groundwork for a Life Philosophy: The Book

If you enjoyed Groundwork of a Life Philosophy: A Basic Guide to Thinking Life Through, here are a few things to go further.

First of all, some articles cover similar ground.

For example:

Why Everyone is a Philosopher

The 7 Basic Worldviews

What is "Religion"? (This explores the idea of our basic assumptions about life.)

Second, there's also the other book.

The Perennial Psychology: A Timeless Approach to Understanding Human Nature.

Third, there's the option to join up.

Becoming a LiveReal member not only supports the cause, but also includes access to a members-only Discussion Forum to talk things over with other members, a pdf of The Perennial Psychology, additional courses and materials, and more.

Finally, there are a few resources along the lines of "Where to go from here?"

For example, for practical "What to do?" questions, there's material on adopting a contemplative practice, 10 practical experiments you can run, and the overall idea of "getting fit" in the sense of "existential fitness."

The basic idea is to explore The Big Questions of life - the Existential Riddles we all face - and to answer them well.

The fruit of all this - when all goes well - is a form of happiness, sanity, meaning in life, or a better way to deal with suffering, which avoids the worst possibilities for human potential, and helps actualize the best.

In a word - or two - "Know Thyself." Out of all the "games" in life that it's possible to play, it seems, that one is best.

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Beyond this, stay tuned. More to come.

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