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Pirates Of the Caribbean, Freud, and Chocolate Cake

Do These Pirates Really Know How To Live...?

by LiveReal Agent Thomas

What is real "morality"?

Or in other words . . .

"Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate."

In a world that is confusing, ambiguous, constantly changing, and often downright chaotic . . . how should a person act?

After all, the whole issue - real "morality" or just "how to act" in life - is yet another one of those issues that everybody faces, everybody must answer, everybody disagrees on . . . and almost nobody talks about.

So then,this is another issuethat your loveable, huggable, swash-buckling, plank-walking LiveReal Agents are on a mission to discover . . .

And how are we going about discovering it?

Well, we figured that logically . . . if we were going to dig deep into the juicy mission of uncovering what "true morality" is . . .

- then there is no better place to look than a Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster. It just seemed obvious to us.


So if you want to sail this trip with us . . .

Aaarg! Batton down your hatches . . . we're off!


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