The LiveReal Physical Arena

The Search Vitality

“"There is more wisdom in your body
than in your deepest philosophy."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

LiveReal has four arenas: body, mind, heart and soul.

This one (as you’ve probably guessed) is about that beautiful, maddening, intimate-yet-foreign, pleasurable-and-painful, trusty-yet-fickle home in this world: the body.

The Mission

To search for the truth* about physical health and share what we find. It’s the pursuit of vitality (in a world that seems determined to make us slower, bigger, and more exhausted.)

The Objective

To help you, as someone (presumably) interested in the health of your physical body, get the most practical high-caliber insights that modern science, ancient wisdom, and everything in between has to offer.

The Obstacles

So you want more physical health, vitality, verve, vigor, spunk, juice, pluck…whatever you want to call it.

What’s standing in the way?

It could be lots of things.

Information overload, for example. “Experts” disagreeing and pushing confusing and contradictory advice. Being able to sort “good” information from the “bogus.” Being able to keep up with changes that happen at a blistering speed. Even keeping track of what we already know – what’s been firmly established and everybody agrees on – and what we don’t know can be pretty tough these days.

And then, something strange sometimes happens even we’re lucky enough to find good, solid, reasonable advice:

We don’t use it.

(Not you, of course. But sometimes this happens to other people.)

We all struggle with this. (Er, almost all of us.)

Including us, your soft and cuddly LiveReal Agents.

Our Strategy

With that in mind, our strategy here is to search the world over (translation: “dig through a lot of bull”) on a quest to discover hidden but precious nuggets of practical wisdom.

Then we dig those nuggets up, gather them here, sort the real from the phony as best we can, and present them to you in a way that’s as clear, simple, and no-nonsense as possible.

Then, debate usually ensues.

From there we regroup, re-think and refine, test, listen, gather feedback, and test again. We work on really applying this to our lives.

From there, we keep what works – what really succeeds in the “vitality” thing – and leave the rest.

Then we head out again.

Let’s Go Exploring.

Our wooly, uncharted jungle explorations so far have yielded a few nuggets that have passed our sniff test. Out of a lot of haystacks in the world, we’re found a few needles that we think are worth passing on.

Now it’s time to set out.

Ready to go?


"This body of ours is something like an electric battery
in which a mysterious power latently lies.
When this power is not properly brought into operation,
it either grows moldy and withers away
or is warped and expresses itself abnormally.
It is the object of Zen, therefore,
to save us from going crazy or being crippled."
- D. T. Suzuki

* Yes, we’re familiar with the postmodern “there is no such thing as truth” bit. We just don’t buy it.

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