The Spectrum of Morality: "Everything You Are Doing is Wrong" versesĀ "Everything You Are Doing is Right"

Putting specifics aside for now, when debating issues of morality, the argument typically polarizes into two general groups ("x is wrong" verses "x is right").

While most of us seem to be somewhere in the "middle of the road" when it comes to morality, one approach to clarifying the matter means getting clear on the extremes.

And in order to do this, it can be helpful (just go with us for a bit here) to examine your understanding or beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, deliberate or not, about "God."


One common description of God is that of being both "immanent" and "transcendent."

Two aspects or qualities of God:
The "Transcendent" or "outside of everything" (also "the father-image" or "masculine")
The "Immanent" or "inside of everything" (also "the mother-image" or "feminine" (also Nature))

Depending on your beliefs or understanding of this issue, here is how it might effect your thinking of morality:

If your notion of God is that of the "transcendent" or "God-as-father,"
then from this perspective, basically everything you are doing, in a way, is "wrong."
Because God is greater than everything and anything else, by definition, then you (and your actions) are inferior and fall far short of perfection (hence the beliefs of a "fallen" state of humanity and "sin").
God is challenging you to rise, become, evolve up to His level, with an emphasis on wisdom.

If your notion of God is that of the "immanent," or "God-as-mother" (or "Nature"),
then from this perspective, everything you are doing is, in a way, "right."
Because God created everything, everything is in some way a creation and expression of God, and so is "loved" in the way a mother loves her children unconditionally.
In this way, You can do no wrong - God supports, forgives, protects, with an emphasis on "love."


So, which of these versions is the truth? Both of them? Neither? One or the other? Both?Neither? Some of each?


A lot of life seems to be about figuring this out.
So, if you're into figuring us out, talk about it in the LiveReal Discussion Board,
or just keep on . . .



OK, so about six months after writing the above, your loveable LiveReal Agents came across somebody saying this all much more smoothly than we just did. So, here goes...

"Negation and Affirmation"
Haridas Chaudhuri

God is the highest limit of all negation,
And also the basis of all affirmation.

Negating unconscious matter,
Negating the subconscious life,
Negating the self-conscious mind,
And the superconscious spirit,
God is the supreme unknowable!
Exceeding sensuous intuition,
Exceeding rational understanding,
Exceeding mystic illumination,
And dialectical reasoning,
God is experience ineffable.

Self-expressed as the material,
Self-expressed as vital power,
Self-expressed as the pure mental,
And modes of being still higher,
God is infinite creativity;
Self-articulating through the senses,
And through clear-cut logical thinking,
Self-revealing through aesthetic images,
And through intuitive apprehending,
God is the all-affirming unity.


What Is "Morality"?

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