The LiveReal Psychology Arena

The Fight for Sanity

“I have made a ceaseless effort
not to ridicule, not to bewail, not to scorn human actions,
but to understand them.”
- Baruch Spinoza

LiveReal has four arenas: body, mind, heart and soul.

This one is about some of the most mysterious and intimate regions in the universe – the ones between our ears and ribs. These house some of the most complex, powerful and fascinating things you may ever know: your own mind and heart, your thoughts and emotions.

The Mission

To search for the truth about mental clarity and emotional strength, and share what we find.

It’s the fight for sanity (in a world that sometimes seems intent on driving us crazy.)

The Objective

To help you – as someone (presumably) interested in inner strength and everything that comes along with it – understand and apply the most practical high-caliber insights that modern science, ancient wisdom and everything in between has to offer.

The Obstacles

Wanting to know more about – and train to develop – stuff like inner strength, mental clarity, emotional fortitude, sanity and so on toward the goal of eventually becoming a “Jedi of the emotions,” so to speak…

Well, the way we see it, that’s just smart.


Because all of us tasked with navigating modern life face challenges: Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Addictions. Compulsions. Day-to-day emotional management, including occasional bouts of rageaholicism at traffic, politicians and celebrities. And much more.

While we’re navigating all this, we’re faced with making decisions constantly. Decisions about Food. Family. Medications. Sex. Life advice from faceless multi-national corporations, and even worse – all in an environment filled with marketers whose careers, departments, and industries are based on figuring out how to manipulate us.

OK, sorry for that little rant.

The thing is, we often face these challenges with little to no preparation, education, or training on how to do it properly. We enter the modern world, all too often, like lambs before wolves.

It’s like exploring a jungle filled with snakes, tigers, and flying piranhas, armed with not so much as a butterfly net.

If all this wasn't challenging enough, we also have to do this in an environment flooded with misinformation, partial information, high-minded nonsense, well-intentioned incompetence, noble-sounding but misleading platitudes, fragmented clumps of irrelevant facts, manipulative sales pitches and every so often, downright fraud.

OK, sorry for that rant too.

The world of psychology is supposed to help us through this. Sometimes it makes things worse. There are great ideas and wonderful people in this field. But sorting the good apples from the manure pile isn’t easy.

Our Strategy

None of us are alone in wrestling with these problems.

In fact, folks have been doing this for thousands of years.

Our strategy here is focused on searching for principles, techniques, hacks and tips for inner freedom. Freedom from the grip of fear, anxiety, anger, depression, doubt, confusion, worry, and more, so we can live more with confidence, clarity, inner strength, lightheartedness, and honest, no-bull “happiness,” sanity, clarity, peace of mind, and other tough-to-define-precisely words.

We work, like detectives on a case, to figure this out: to understand who has it, who doesn't have it, and why, and how we can find it for ourselves.

Our strategy here is to search the world over (translation: “dig through a lot of bull”) on a quest to discover hidden but precious nuggets of practical wisdom.

Then we dig those nuggets up, gather them here, sort the real from the phony as best we can, and present them to you in a way that’s as clear, simple, and no-nonsense as possible.

Then, debate usually ensues.

From there we regroup, re-think and refine, test, listen, gather feedback, and test again. We work on really applying this to our lives.

From there, we keep what works – what really succeeds in the “sanity” thing – and leave the rest.

Then we head out again.

Let’s Go Exploring.

Our wooly, uncharted jungle explorations so far have yielded a few nuggets that have passed our sniff test. Out of a lot of haystacks in the world, we’re found a few needles that we think are worth passing on.

Now it’s time to set out.

Ready to go?


* Yes, we’re familiar with the postmodern “there is no such thing as truth” bit. We just don’t buy it.

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