What's The Problem?

A Guide to Overcoming "Issues"

"People wish to be settled,
only insofar as they are unsettled
is there any hope for them..."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"OK, I get that they want to rule the world, but why do they have to be so darn mean about it?"

articles by LiveReal Agents "Grace" and "Courtney"

Looking for real answers?
So are we.

"Hidden within your deepest problems are hidden the keys to your deepest happiness . . ."

Alcohol Abuse
"Attention-Deficit Disorder"
Child Abuse
Confidence / "Self-Esteem"
Drug Abuse
Eating Disorders
Fear of Intimacy
Losing Weight
Panic Attacks
Relationship Problems
"Self-Esteem" / Confidence
"Social Anxiety Disorder"
Weight Loss

"...discovery begins at the moment
you consciously become dissatisfied with life.
Contrary to most professional opinion,
this gnawing dissatisfaction with life
is not a sign of "mental illness,"
nor an indication of poor social adjustment, nor a character disorder.
For concealed within this basic unhappiness
with life and existence
is the embryo of a growing intelligence,
a special intelligence
usually buried under the immense weight of social shams.
A person who is beginning to sense the suffering of life
is, at the same time, beginning to awaken
to deeper realities, truer realities."
- Ken Wilber

About This Section

So, is this yet another stack of "self-help" psychobabble?


"Well, every one can master a grief
but he that has it."
- William Shakespeare

This little area of LiveReal is a unique place that's all about tackling some of the real-life problems that so many of us face, head-on, using nothing but our own smarts, knowledge, determination and wits.

This isn't bubblegum pop-psychology. Or simpleminded platitudes, phony cure-alls, bumper-sticker philosophies, go-get-em rally cries, or easy-answers-for-a-buck. It's also not about spending tens of thousands of dollars on therapy.

Our focus is less on, say, the search for the perfect happy-pill, and more on "knowing yourself" as applied with a practical, no-bull approach, to the gritty realities of day-to-day life. The emphasis here is not on what "experts" say, think or believe, but rather, on US, the actual humans (not blobs of brain chemistry and genes) who are tackling these problems... and figuring out what really works, and why, and why not.

"It is in the midst of difficulties
that man develops
his intelligence..."
- Mikhael Omraam Aivanhov

If you're serious about living the good life, and tired of all the phony experts and useless misinformation out there...

- you are not alone.


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"Nicholas of Cusa laid special stress upon the notion
that the limitation of all created things,
if understood,
becomes their source of contentment . . ."
- Agnes Arber

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