What is "Intimacy"?

The LiveReal Quiz. Can you take it?

We figured . . . with so many humans looking for it,
trying to find it, and every once in a while,
actually experiencing it . . .

it makes sense to really get into it,
compare our notes on it,
and maybe, just maybe,
come to understand it...

What is "Intimacy"?

(multiple-choice format)

A) It is one of those rare moments when we are actually free from loneliness.

B) It is an experience that happens typically the most precious moments of our lives.

C) It is an experience with the real part of another person, instead of the masks, pretenses, defenses, and put-ons that we usually see.

D) It is something so intense that most of us "can't handle" it, and even spend our lives avoiding it.

E) It is what happens when your soul comes out from it's hiding place and takes a peek.

F) It is a rare, unique, unusual occurance that occurs only a few times in the average persons' life.

G) It is an always-present, natural, normal state of affairs, which we are normally just blind to, perhaps because of ego.

H) It is something that just "happens" by luck, haphazardly, like lightening.

I) It is a skill, or something we can practice and develop.

J) It is something that just "happens" haphazardly, like lightening, because we haven't yet found a way to understand and harness it, like electricity.

K) It is what happens when your real self (your ego, soul, spirit, etc), which is normally trapped underneath layers of matter (or ego), comes out of its hiding place, even for a moment. (Note: if this works, does this point towards a model of human nature?)

L) It is something that inspires and fascinates us and, at the same time, terrifies us.

M) It is a momentary flash of Oneness, or non-separation.

N) It is a brief glimpse of God.

O) It is the doorway to what is called "love."

P) It is when you see the fragile vulnerability, raw tragedy and immense beauty that lies at the heart of every human being.

Q) It is two people rubbing souls.

R) It is two people viewing each other in the present moment, without the interference of past baggage or future expectations

S) It is utter and complete acceptance of another exactly as it is.

T) It is a recognition that there actually is no "you" and there is no "other," there is only "One."


Your Answer: ________.

When you finish your quiz, please pass your papers to the front.

Please note: This is a quiz that, whether you know it or not, you're kind of already taking; and you will probably be graded, but may not be; we're not sure when or even if you'll ever find out what your grade is, and we might know who will or won't be grading your papers,

- but then again, we may be wrong.

"There's radical autonomy
and simultaneously there's nothing preventing you from perfect communion,
which means that there is nothing between you and the other.
So in a perfect possibility the experience of communion
would in no way negate the potential for the experience of perfect autonomy.

In the ordinary non-enlightened world and consciousness,
autonomy usually negates the possibility of communion,
and the experience of communion usually negates the possibility of autonomy.
That's more or less the way things work.
But in a perfect possibility one would not negate the other.
That would be the expression of true non-duality.
When autonomy and communion become one experience
then that is non-duality manifest as the human experience in the manifest realm."
- Andrew Cohen

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