What is Sexuality?

by Elizabeth Haich | an excerpt from Sexual Energy and Yoga

"...sexual desire stems from a feeling of deficiency, from the search for a complementary half which we lack, without which we feel alone and forsaken. If, however, we have found everything in ourselves, if we are a whole, what more do we require? What can we lack?"

(Editor's Note: To say the above in a slightly different way...
sex might sometimes, or even often, take the form of being The Search for "IT"...)

"In God the two poles rest within each other in perfect unity and absolute equilibrium. In this state there is no tension but neither is there creation. Creation begins with the negative pole being expelled from this unity and the two poles consequently drawing apart and becoming opposed to each other as force and resistance. Yet be they never so far removed from each other, the unity between the two poles never ceases to exist; they belong to each other through all eternity: they can never be completely sundered, unity continues to subsist between them as a magical tension of infinite power which draws the two poles back to each other without intermission in order to restore the original condition of rest between them.

On this tension the whole of creation is born. Without it no creation, no life, is possible, for this very tension is life. This means that every living creature contains these two poles within itself, as its vital self, otherwise it could not live at all. In man the seat of the positive pole is in the skull, and of the negative pole in the coccyx at the base of the spine, and the tension between the two consitutes life.

Life must be propagated in the new living creature, and for a new living creature to come into being, the two opposed poles must create between them a new vital tension out of which new life can be engendered. Even though every living creature, including man, bears this vital tension between the two poles in its spine, it nevertheless manifests in its body only one pole, which awaits conjunction with a contrary pole from outside before it can transmit life in a new living creature. In his physical consciousness as a human being, man has no inkling that he bears within his spirit, within his true self, these two poles. He identifies himself with his body, which under the present order of Nature, manifests only one pole and seeks completion from outside, from another person manifesting the opposite pole. The perfect unification of the two poles in the same body is impossible, for matter isolates, separates and offeres resistance. Even so, the two poles strive for unity in and through the body and they seek a way of attaining rest in each other and at least of imitating the primal state. The two poles are manifest in the body in the two sexes by the genital organs which enable physical unity to be attained sexually for a short time. Since the repose of the two poles in each other is the primal state of God, of being, of life, the reunificiation of the two poles - the encounter of the two sexes - engenders a new tension, a new life, a new creature in a cell suited to the purpose. This in turn bears within itself the divine tension of life, but again manifests only one pole in its body - one sex - through which eartlhy life is transmitted by the recurrent union of the sexes. This is sexuality."

The energy which is manifested through sexuality and which is the link between spirit and matter and thus possess the important faculty of helping a spirit into the body, of impregnating matter with new life, is called 'sexual energy'.

But, although man with his consciousness has fallen out of the paradisiacal primal state in which both poles repose in each other, he feels, although quite unconsciously, that such a primal state remains a possibility and, out of his knowledge of the manifested half, he yearns to be restored to the wholeness which he bears in his spirit, in his own life, which he himself always was, is, and will be. He does not realize that he can attain this primal state of conscious wholeness of his own being in his physical earthly life, and still less does he realize that the only means capable of helping his to do this is his own sexual energy. Sexual energy, then, holds for man a secret which has nothing to do with the procreation of new life. Just as sexual energy has helped man out of his spiritual state into the body, so it can help him to return in full awareness to his divine primal state of wholeness..."

- excerpt from Sexual Energy and Yoga by Elisabeth Haich

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