Spiritual Giants: A User's Guide

A Handy Guide to Folks Who Might Be Spiritual Giants. (Or, Might Not.)

"I see no more than you,
but I have trained myself
to notice what I see."
- Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle)

We might've run across a few spiritual giants. We also might've run across a few regular giants.

In the heart-pounding adventures of your loveable LiveReal Agents
on our dangerous quest for practical wisdom, we have encountered...

...well, some pretty interesting folks.

Some folks can change the energy of a room just by walking in.


The following is an ongoing and incomplete index of the major living, breathing green berets of the spiritual world, so to speak, active in America today, gathered under one roof for the first time ever in the history of the universe. (Umm, OK, maybe it is).

To be clear, this is not an endorsement of all or any the following figures. It is simply a listing and summary, compiled for our loyal LiveReal fans, of a few of the possible spiritual giants here and there who may just be in your neighborhood. (Although, most of them seem to be in California.)

So, which ones are legit? Which ones are real, which are phony? All of them, none? How are they alike, how different?

Making sense of it all could easily be an utterly impossible mission of literally galactic proportions...

but then again...you have LiveReal.

Please send your suggestions, additions, complaints,
glowing praise, juicy gossip, and etc: info at LiveReal.com.

(Possible) Active Spiritual Giants

A. H. Almaas
Arjuna Ardagh
Charlotte Joko Beck
Saniel Bonder
Pema Chodron
Lama Surya Das
Ram Dass
David Deida
Arnaud Desjardins
Georg Feuerstein
S. N. Goenka Institutes
Joseph Goldstein
Stanislav and Christina Grof
Thich Nhat Hanh
Steven Harrison
Chuck Hillig
Cheri Huber
Leonard Jacobson
Phillip Kapleau
Wolfgang Kopp
Jack Kornfield
Aziz Kristof
H. H. the Dalai Lama
John Wren-Lewis
John Daido Loori
Lee Lozowick
Roy Masters
"Jed McKenna"
Richard Moss
Michael Murphy
Satyam Nadeen
Claudio Naranjo
Toni Packer
Bernadette Roberts
Huston Smith
Amber Terrell
Eckhart Tolle
August Turak
Melvyn Wartella
Ken Wilber
John Kabat-Zinn

Other (Possible) Recent Giants Who Are No Longer Active

Omraam Mikhail Aïvanhov
Ramesh Balsekhar
H. P. Blavatsky
Paul Brunton
Andrew Cohen
Adi Da
Karl Durckheim
Vernon Howard
George. I. Gurdjieff
Douglas Harding
Lex Hixon
Carl Jung
Jean Klein
Jiddu Krishnamurti
C. S. Lewis
Barry Long
Albert Low
Sri Nisagradatta Maharaj
Ramana Maharshi
Franklin Merrel-Wolff
Thomas Merton
Scott Morrison
Swami Muktananda
H. W. L. Poonja
Peter D. Ouspensky
H. W. L. Poonjaji
Richard Rose
Torkom Saraydarian
Suzanne Segal
Idries Shah
Rudolf Steiner
Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche
Alan Watts

So . . .

Who is right? Who is for real? Who is just after your wallet?
How are they alike, how are they different?
How do we make sense of it all?

Well...your brave and cuddly LiveReal Agents are on the case.

Our investigation is ongoing and our conclusions, like those of any good science, are perennially tentative, open for debate, and always subject to revision.

After all, what does "success" even consist of in this crazy arena, and how can it be measured? Well, for at least a few words on that matter, consider this.

Want More?
No Problem.


. . . and definitely don't miss

DHARMA COMBAT: Where Spiritual Giants Duke It Out 

...and if you go exploring in all this,
don't forget to use protection for your mind:

The Battle For Your Mind

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