Where To Go From Here?

So this is where our map of this particular trail leaves off.

Of course, vast regions remain unexplored.

And they’re calling to us.

So, we're planning to continue our exploring.

(We have actually ventured beyond this point, and we’ve found some good stuff, but we aren’t quite ready to report back on it yet. But we’re working on it.)

But in the meantime...now what?

Here are a few easy options:

* Make sure you’re on our email list so we can spam you. (Totally kidding. We don’t spam.)

* Keep exploring other realms – Physical | Psychology | Relationships – (because these trails overlap with hidden interconnections like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon on steroids.)

* Keep exploring out there in the wild on your own, but maybe check back with us every so often.

* Reach out to us & tell us about any nuggets/treasures/pearls of wisdom you’ve found. We’re always on the lookout for better stuff. Reach out to us here.

Or, if you’re really ready to take it up a notch…

You can Join the Resistance.

We have found some more advanced stuff that we think is pretty interesting. We aren’t quite ready just yet, but we’re working on it. More on that here.

Either way, keep questioning, digging, thinking, asking, wondering, testing, exploring…and we’ll do the same.


Peace to the Wanderers.

The LiveReal Agents

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