In Kafka's novel The Trial,

a man named Joseph K wakes up one morning and learns that he is accused of a crime he doesn't understand by a court he can't communicate with.

He navigates a maze of bureaucrats, messengers, henchmen, and various authorities, trying to understand what exactly he's "guilty" of and why he's accused . . .

but never can seem to get any straight answers . . .

...sounds a little too close to home, if you ask me.


After all, if you ask the question "why do we suffer?" nowadays,

if you ask a television or advertising executive,
they'll probably say it's because you haven't bought their car, clothes,
soft drink, phone, food, pills, or whatever else they're selling...

if you ask a psychiatrist, they'll probably say
that you have "flawed brain chemistry" and need their pill

if you ask a fitness expert or health nut, they might say
it's because you're on the wrong diet

if you ask a stress management expert, they'll say
it's because you're stressed

if you ask a Marxist, they'll probably say
it's because you're being oppressed and exploited by some rich guy

if you ask a psychologist, they might say that
you have unresolved childhood traumas and need therapy

if you ask a friend and he's a guy, he might well say that
you're not getting enough sex

if you ask a friend and she's a girl, she might well say that
you're not getting enough love

if you ask a minister or priest, they might say
"sin," lack of "faith," or a wrong relationship with "God"

if you ask a moralist, they'll probably say
it's because you're immoral

if you ask a fundamentalist, they might say
it's Adam's fault - or, if Muslim extremist, that you're an "infidel"

if you ask a Buddhist, they might say
it's the human condition, or it's karma, and you need more lifetimes

if you ask a New-Ager, they'll say that
you're creating your own suffering, somehow, for some reason

if you ask a different spiritual type, they might say
it's because of your ego

if you ask an existentialist, they'll say
it's part of the human condition, and you're just screwed (but free to be screwed)

if you ask a friend, they might say
they don't know, or make something up, or give you a hug

and so on . . .

- and if you ask a LiveReal Agent?

Well . . . we'd say that it's obviously a pretty complicated issue,
and people are in all kinds of different situations,
and while there are plenty, plenty of easy answers all around,
we haven't yet found any easy answers that are actually true.

. . . but at the same time, we're hard at work on the case.


And we think in general, it's a good idea
to understand as much as we can about stress, and sex,
and protecting our minds, and morality and ego, and plain old happiness. and to deeply explore, as much as we can,
things like "love," "God", and why we're here, and things like that.

...and hang out with other people who are doing the same...

so stay tuned...




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