Where Do We Go From Here?

OK, we've covered a lot of turf.

Before we go further, let’s do a quick recap.

We’ve talked about life being one thing we don’t want to screw up. And screwing it up (“existential faceplant”) verses “doing it well” (“existential homerun”) seems to be a real, and at least somewhat important thing.

Yet we arrive in life, clueless and unprepared, facing this task like we’re playing some complex game with rules we don’t really understand, and no clear rulebook to consult or trustworthy referee to ask.

But life doesn’t care whether we’re prepared or not. It just poses riddles to us like the Sphinx –and not just any riddles: Big Questions. Questions like “who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What’s it all about?” and “What should I do with my life?” – and plenty more. We have no choice but to answer those, one way or another, maybe with words but more often by what we do.

Our answers to those questions become what we’ll call our “core life narrative.”

Your core life narrative is super-important. It’s part of the foundation of your happiness, relationships, health and other stuff.

Some folks put a lot of time, thought, study, and careful consideration into their core life narrative. Others slap together whatever haphazard duct-taped clot of mishap they can to survive whatever self-induced mayhem-filled crisis they’re mixed up in at the current moment before moving on to the next one.

Most of us employ some of both of those strategies, and a lot in between.

This “core narrative” takes the form of your answers to The Big Questions. And sometimes these answers are great – true A+++ material. And it shows, in your life.

And sometimes are answers might be D-minus material. For example, sometimes we spend years or decades of our lives pursuing a certain course that’s based on one answer…only to eventually find out that…well, that answer really sucked. (Example: “Heroin leads to happiness in life.” We’d consider that a low D-minus answer.)

So then the question becomes: what’s an alternative to spending years or decades finding out the hard way whether some of the answers that make up your core narrative are great, or whether they suck?

Is there a way to deliberately upgrade, test, refine, beef up our core narrative so that it become high-class, high-caliber, unshakeable, bulletproof, so that we wind up with a Star Wars ending instead of a Forehead-Slap ending?

Our answer: yes.

What’s our recommendation for doing this?

Our recommendation is what we call “Inner Work.”

And what is “Inner Work”?

Well, that’s a great question. And it launches us on an entirely new chapter in our conversation.

So if you’ve come this far, and you’re interested in this stuff, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’re what we’d call a “Seeker.”

Congratulations. We think being a “Seeker” is probably the smartest things you can do with yourself nowadays.

LiveReal is a Headquarters for Seekers.

So, we have a few options for you.

Here’s one option: We’ve created a course we call “An Introduction to Inner Work.” You can get the first few modules of that course for free. Sign up here.

Another option: Sign up to become a member, and get the full peek behind the curtain. You can read more about what that involves here.

A third option: if neither of the above sound like they’re a great fit for you, no problem. And if it doesn’t, that’s cool too. Just hang around if you want, & check back every now and again to see if something else makes your toes curl.

By the way, we should probably mention something in case you’re worried.

“Inner Work” isn’t some weird, secret technique like sticking a finger on one nostril and your toe in the other while moving your belly button to lip-sync an Elvis ballad. (To be clear: it’s NOT that.)

The essence of it has been around and in good standing for thousands of years, and it’s something your great-grandmother probably would have approved of if it would’ve been explained to her properly. (Assuming she was at least half cool.)

All this is to say…we value common sense, clear, tough, rigorous thinking, and real-life, rubber-on-road, dirt-in-the-sweat-on-your-forehead no-nonsense practicality with this stuff, and our approach to the rest of all this is no different.

So if this sounds like fun, then soon, you'll be able to join in.

Right now, LiveReal is still under construction.

But soon, we're planning to on having a lot of new stuff for you. Good stuff.

We're working on. Feverishly. Night and day.

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