Your answers to the Big Questions are key to your happiness in life.

Our first existential crisis was the moment we arrived, slimy and crying, in the world.


Life poses Big Questions to us.

And we have to answer them. We have no choice.

It doesn’t usually ask us with words. And we don’t usually answer with words.

It asks us by presenting us with situations. We answer by how we act in those situations. Those “answers” become part of our experiences, and then go on to become our memories, our habits, our identities, our character, our life.

It’s like the foundation of a house.

You can build a house with marble countertops, a fancy surround-sound entertainment system, an Elvis bust. But if the foundation of the house is bad, eventually, all the other stuff will wind up in a pile.

The Big Questions are the foundation to your life.

In other words, our answers to The Big Questions have a critical and immense effect on your happiness and success in life.

Yet some folks avoid thinking about them.

Often, folks will blow right past them and skip right to the details, right to the marble countertops. “Where are we going?” “I don’t know, but hurry!”

The Big Questions are so important that a lot of folks avoid thinking about them, because they’re too important, too sensitive, too potentially disruptive.

We don’t recommend that approach.

What’s a better approach?

Taking them on directly. Confronting The Big Questions head-on.

What does that mean?



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