Practical Experiments: Anurag Shantam

Going beneath the veils by the author of Awakening

The following is "the heart" of the technique described in more depth in the book, Awakening.

It's a very simple watching meditation.

I say simple, but it's not easy...

It involves watching the ego veils of darkness with detachment, neither for nor against, simply watching them for what they are, very uncomfortable sensations in the physical body.

Most of our time is spent watching the distractions the veils create; i.e. the endless repetitive thoughts about why I'm sad, why I'm anxious, or why I'm angry. There's no answer to the why, because the questions, like the sensations generating them are part of the illusion.

Quite simply, you go beneath the label "I'm feeling sad", to find what you are actually, in physical reality, feeling. You can't feel a label, but you're feeling something....what? Once found, detach from the sensation and watch it, and watch it, and watch it, until there is no sensation to watch, and you will be free of hurt, sadness, depression, forever. The pain veil will be found as a sensation around your heart, the soul center, your love center. The fear veil is the same, simply an uncomfortable sensation in the solar plexus area of the body. It is the veil crippling the lightness, freedom, and spontaneity of the spirit center of consciousness. To watch the sensations is to deny the hidden roots of the ego the energy they need to survive, and they begin to dissolve, along with all the crazy thoughts they generate.

Destroy the roots of the ego, and the whole structure dissolves, leaving you: awake, aware, enlightened. The most natural, ordinary state you will ever know.

This is a truncated version of the teaching. The book naturally contains more detail and background, but the meditation is the heart of it. Learn the meditation and it will open all doors you will encounter on the journey home.

One additional note: The ego is basically a psychic parasite, it feeds off your light, your awareness. Every time you feel sad, lonely, depressed, you are feeding it. Every time you are feeling anxious, frightened, panic stricken, you are feeding it, and every time you are cranky, angry at life and all it's injustices, you are feeding the beast within. The meditation denies the ego your light, it puts the ego on a starvation diet, it deals the ego a moral blow from which it cannot recover. That's why the meditation is so difficult to learn. It's the one meditation the ego doesn't want you to practice, and will do all in it's power to distract you, to make you forget to simply watch a sensation in the body, neither for nor against. To fight it is to simply feed it. It doesn't have a reputation as cunning for nothing!

from Anurag Shantam, author of Awakening

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