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No-Nonsense Spirituality for No-Nonsense Seekers

A "see-for-yourself" approach, and the search for the practical method

So, if you're interested in "The Big Questions" of life - but then you also aren't interested in nonsense - then, well, you've come to the right place.

Our approach here is "see for yourself."

It's geared toward folks who want real answers, and aren't interested in phony ones.

It's practical, it welcomes questioning and inquiry, and it wants to "Find The Truth, or Die Trying."

We, your cuddly and lovable LiveReal Agents, have been hard at work on this.

Below, we've gathered a few things that we hope you find helpful.

10 Essential Ingredients of No-Nonsense Spirituality

A Spiritual Approach That Isn't "Blind Faith" and Embraces Reason and Science."

"See For Yourself" vs. "Trust Me" in Modern Spirituality

Spirituality For Skeptics

How to Investigate Spiritual Questions Scientifically

Practical Spiritual Experiments: 10 Ways to "See For Yourself" 

"Experiential Spirituality": A User's Guide

"Existential Fitness": Boot Camp for the Soul

If you're interested in comparing notes on this kind of thing with other folks who are interested in the same stuff, then consider joining up.

Otherwise, we'll keep exploring. We'll keep you updated on what we find. And we hope you'll do the same.

Until then,

Peace to the Wanderer.

All the best and warm regards,

The LiveReal Agents

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